World Schooling Talk Episode 2 – Non academic lessons from world schooling

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  1. I’ll try an answer since I taevrled across multiple state lines during my practice and for massage school, and would qualify for a license in AZ it was on the list of states I was considering.A Board Recognized school means that the state of AZ has to approve the school’s programs. You would have to talk to the AZ Board of Massage Therapy to be sure, a link is below.When I went to massage school in FL, I contacted the boards of states with rules that the school didn’t automatically qualify me for, checking on their specific rules. The school I went to then worked with me to design the program appropriately, mostly by me taking additional classes offered at the school, most of which were Continuing Education Classes.Assuming that your school will do the same thing, you can pick up an additional 200 hours with the school through clinic hours, extra sessions for volunteer clients, and taking other classes that are approved by the school and by AZ.Some states may allow a transfer of license without having to take extra classes, or simply taking approved classes to make up any differences and issues.Massage therapists do cross state lines frequently, currently every state has different rules. Several organizations, including the American Massage Therapy Association, are working to make licenses more portable. So the rules should get easier with time.I’m sure that if you called the AMTA they would be able to give some more specific advice.Good luck it is a wonderful career.


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